SEO Technical Audit

Maximize Your Website’s Potential with Our SEO Technical Audit

Unlock the full potential of your website with our SEO Technical Audit. Our detailed assessments pinpoint the technical issues that could be hindering your site’s search engine performance and overall user experience.


Ideal for smaller businesses -under 100 pages



Targeted for mid-sized websites – up to 500 pages



Designed for large websites between 500 and 2,000 pages


What is an SEO Technical Audit?

  • Understanding the Basics

An SEO Technical Audit is a comprehensive review of your website’s underlying structure and front-end performance to ensure it is optimized for search engines. It involves examining various elements such as site architecture, URL structure, page speed, mobile responsiveness, and more, to identify any impediments to ranking higher in search results.

  • Why is a Technical Audit needed?

Common technical problems like duplicate content, crawl errors, indexing issues, mobile-friendliness, site architecture problems and more can all undermine your ability to rank well in search results – even with great on-page SEO.

By conducting a thorough SEO technical audit, our team uncovers these often-overlooked problems and provides you with a detailed, prioritized action plan to resolve them.

SEO Audit Process

SEO technical audits are crucial for maintaining a healthy website. They not only help identify critical SEO issues but also provide insights into improving site architecture and content strategy. By regularly auditing your website, you ensure that it adheres to the best SEO practices and remains competitive in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Initial Consultation:

Understand your current SEO performance and goals.

Comprehensive Website Audit

Use advanced tools to analyze your site comprehensively.

Issue Identification

Pinpoint technical, on-page, and usability issues.

Report and Recommendations

Provide a detailed report with actionable recommendations.

Implementation Guidance

Assist with implementing changes or work with your team to make adjustments.

Technical Audit Tasks


  • Robots.txt (disallows)

  • HTML sitemap

  • XML sitemap(s)

  • Indexation status via XML sitemaps

  • Google SC index status trend data

  • Check cache: and text only & fetch & render of key pages

Structured Data / Schema

  • Schema (JSON-LD, microdata, breadcrumbs, reviews, author tags, video etc)

  • Rich snippets

  • Social meta tags (Twitter cards / OG Tags)

  • Robots Directives


  • Meta & x-robots-tags (noindex, nofollow etc)

  • Rel canonical use (link element or x-robots-tag)

  • hreflang Attributes

  • Rel nofollow use

Technical Issues

  • Crawl efficiency

  • External links to 404 pages

  • Orphan Pages

  • Redirect Chains

  • Soft 404s

  • Canonical audit

  • Duplicate content

  • Low content

  • Page Load Speed

  • File size (image size)

  • Secure Vs insecure pages (Insecure Content)

  • Session IDs / tracking parameters

  • Geo targeting – TLDs, subdomains or subfolders

  • Mobile SEO Audit – Based upon mobile first scoring.

  • 3XX, 4XX & 5XX responses (SEO Spider crawl & Google SC)

  • Mobile Friendly – Responsive, adaptive, or mobile site (faulty redirects).

Site Architecture

  • Internal link structure (All navigation, menus, html anchor tags & source calls)

  • Taxonomy (hierarchical structure)

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Faceted navigation & filtering

  • Pagination

  • Internal anchor text

  • Page depth

On-Page Optimization

  • Page titles

  • Meta descriptions

  • Headings

  • Image alt text

  • Image file names

URI Structure

  • Dynamic URI (Excess parameters & filtering)

  • Non ASCII characters

  • Uppercase characters (or URL case consistency)

  • Hyphens/dashes as word separators

  • Keywords in URI

  • Long URI over 115 characters

  • Absolute URI rather than relative

Site Quality

  • Duplicate, partial and thin content

  • Keyword cannibalisation

  • Query intent targeting

  • User signals (bounce rate, avg time on site, CTR etc)

  • Content performance & engagement

Benefits of Our SEO Technical Audit

Enhanced Search Visibility

Improve your site’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

Optimized User Experience

Enhance site navigation and usability for better user engagement.


Stay ahead of SEO trends and updates by keeping your site technically sound.

Ranking Ability

Improve crawling, indexing, and ranking ability for more organic traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have an SEO technical audit done?
We recommend conducting a technical audit at least once a year or after any major site updates.
What happens after the audit is complete?
You’ll receive a full report detailing every issue discovered, plus a prioritized action plan for implementing our team’s recommended fixes and optimizations.
Can you help with implementing the audit recommendations?
Absolutely! We offer full support in implementing our recommendations to ensure your site is optimized effectively.
How long does an audit typically take?
Depending on the size and complexity of your website, an audit can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
What makes your audits different from others?
Our audits are tailored to your specific business needs and include detailed, actionable recommendations that are prioritized based on impact and feasibility.

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