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Reviving Organic Traffic for a New York Transportation Business

Client Background

Our client is a prominent local transportation business based in New York. Despite a previously strong online presence, they experienced a significant drop in organic rankings over the past year. Competitors had overtaken them in key search results, leading to unstable rankings and loss of the #1 spot for critical keywords.


  • Technical Audit: Diagnose underlying issues causing the decline in search rankings.
  • Content Overhaul: Address content-related issues that negatively impacted SEO.
  • Recovery of Rankings: Stabilize and improve the client’s search engine visibility.

Strategy and Implementation

Technical and Content Audit

The initial step involved a detailed examination of the client’s SEO strategy and website content:

  • Content Saturation: Discovered an overproduction of low-quality, AI-generated blog posts heavily stuffed with keywords and local identifiers, leading to keyword cannibalization.
  • Competitive Disadvantage: The redundant content was competing with the site’s main service pages, diluting the SEO efforts.

Content Streamlining

To rectify the content issues, we implemented a rigorous content pruning process:

  • Removal of Redundant Content: Eliminated 90% of the existing blog posts that were considered spammy and unhelpful, which were cluttering the site and harming its SEO profile.
  • Redirection: Implemented strategic redirects for removed content to consolidate link equity and guide users to relevant, high-quality pages.

On-Page Optimization

Focused on correcting on-page SEO elements to enhance the website’s overall search performance:

  • Link Cleanup: Updated all broken and redirected links to ensure a smooth user experience and aid search engine crawlers.
  • SEO Enhancements: Addressed various on-page optimization issues, including improving meta tags, headers, and image alt attributes to better reflect the core business offerings.

Results and Analysis

Following the overhaul, the website’s performance improved markedly:

  • Organic Traffic Increase: There was a 50% increase in organic traffic over the past 90 days, demonstrating a strong recovery in search visibility.
  • Stabilization of Rankings: Rankings became more stable, with gradual improvements as the high-quality, focused content began to outperform the previously spammy posts.


The comprehensive audit and strategic overhaul executed by biznoz.com helped the client regain their footing in a competitive market. By reducing the clutter of low-quality content and strengthening on-page SEO, we restored the website’s credibility and appeal both to search engines and users.

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